A Silver Lining in Times of Crisis

The Story behind the Shirt

Hugo and Hugo are friends. They have known each other since childhood and grew up in the same neighborhood. One has returned to their hometown of Haarlem after wanderings that took him from Mallorca to the Tierra del Fuego, the other has lived there all his life. After many years, they happened to meet again just recently. And then the corona crisis struck.

This marked a significant intrusion into their daily lives. One Hugo is a freelancer who has run clean out of work. His namesake has just started serious medical treatment and instantly belongs to the at-risk group.

Hugo and Hugo still see many people around them who are ignoring the COVID-19 containment measures. Not keeping appropriate distance on the street and in the supermarket, still going out in groups to public spaces. This is not only irresponsible. It’s perilous and above all: anti-social. And therefore calls for action. So both friends decided to design a shirt with a message that hits home.

What started off as an idea has now become reality: the shirts are available and ready to order! With this shirt you contribute to the awareness that keeping distance is crucial in these times of crisis. For yourself and others. And there’s a plus: you also just happen to look cool whilst spreading the word...

Text: Marleen Zwartkruis

Translation: Jaron Reddy

Concept: Hugo Loning